Just so you know I don't put effort into any of this shit

If you feel suicidal after looking at some of my shit it's okay I feel that way too

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Your InfoShows you things such as your location and browser info

Rainbow ShitOooh look at the pretty rainbow!

Circle ClickerGot bored. Sometimes I think I'm playing osu.

Free NitroHey friendssssss i foound a working hacckkk freee discordd nitroo

robin is a memeThe supreme meme of robin (not my code)

Custom Error CodesPHP can do anything!

Seth Can't DriveSeth can't drive 5 feet without crashing and/or killing someone

Hacking Scripthack rhino's place today! (website is not my code but the displayed python script is)

Doesn't have a lifePrivate image server

mau5stageLights 'N' Stuff

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