I myself always wanted to go to a deadmau5 show, but me nor my family had enough money to go to one. So I decided to make a virtual show myself. So I got to work, (started working somewhere in early March of 2018), modeled and uv-mapped a perfect cube 2.1. Same map layout, and dimensions, only I feed it 768x768 content instead of 1024x768 like the real one as the extra space isn't needed. For the content that requires re-mapping, because I don't have the After Effects project, I had to use blender to re-map frames. (I say frames because I had to manually do this frame-by-frame, including manually saving frame-by-frame).

You can download it here (I'd put it on this web server but the server ain't got no space for it)

Note: Putting the graphics setting on something other than "Fantastic" will break a lot of lighting and cause a lot of visual aspects to look absolutely horrendous.

Note: When you start the game and you are on the gray screen, the application is not crashing, it's simply loading all of the assets, including all the frames of the content.

There are some things I don't like about this. One most importantly being how the content is processed. I had to make a script to iterate through an array of frames for each animation. At the time a made this, I completely forgot I could make video textures. But at this point, I really don't want to go to every animation and put all the frames together. One big aspect being some content is played at a different frame rate than others. The huge downfall to this is that this will heavily impact performance on lower-end computers. On my computer it runs with almost no lag, however I have an I5-7400 and GTX 1050Ti. At some point in the future, I would like to release an optimization update to vastly improve the performance.

Another thing I don't like, is my inability to perform movements with the lower cube panels. When I modeled the cube, I couldn't figure out how to efficiently seperate each panel on the cube to perform the movements the real cube 2.1 can. Sometime in the future I might be able to accomplish this.

Yes, LED panels are not black like a screen when they don't have lit-up LEDs in the area. I just couldn't make them function like actual LED panels

the stairs going up to the top of the stage platform are a joke

Below are the controls:

Note: if you don't have a number pad for controls that use it, you can just use the non-number pad variants.

WASD: Movement

Spacebar: Jump

Numpad 7: Left flames

Numpad 8: Right Flames

J: Bring up some audio controls (you have to be next to the touchscreen up on the platform

P: Start the show. You only have to run this when you first launch the application and when "I Remember" is over as its the last song of the show.

Numpad 4: Play the previous song (Goes to the end of the playlist if you were playing "Imaginary Friends" when you pressed it as its the first song)

Numpad 5: Pause the show.

Numpad 6: Play the next song (Goes to the beginning of the playlist if you were playing "I Remember" when you pressed it as its the last song)

M: Toggle mic input because why not. Its a little delayed because unity is being a bitch or I'm a shit developer. feedback is probably gonna occur.

H: Toggle between the LED mau5head and the normal mau5head.

N: Display what is currently playing.

Here are the songs in the order in which they will be played (all are deadmau5 songs):

  1. Imaginary Friends
  2. Snowcone
  3. Monophobia
  4. Animal Rights
  5. 2448
  6. Some Chords
  7. No Problem
  8. Sometimes Things Get, Whatever
  9. Maths / Maths (Cobra Effect Remix)
  10. Raise Your Weapon (Noisia Remix)
  11. Moar Ghosts 'N' Stuff
  12. Ghosts 'N' Stuff
  13. Cat Thruster
  14. Legendary
  15. Professional Griefers
  16. Right This Second
  17. I Remember
  18. FML - Encore (playable after I Remember finishes in the audio controls menu)
  19. ??? - press a certain key 10 times in a row, thats all im gonna say.

I would like to dedicate a section to credit everything I can. If I forget someone please forgive me. I also couldn't find the pages where I downloaded some models so I couldn't find who made some things.

Music - deadmau5

Stage - Bruno Borges

Cubes - Me

LED panels - Me

Riser - Me

Speaker arrays - drumssultan

Moog Voyager XL - tilmann-f

Mixing console - N/A (couldn't find it)

Subwoofer - mibmob

Stage monitor - N/A (couldn't find it)

MacBook - N/A (website didn't stage who made it)

Spotlight - N/A (couldn't find it)

Computer Monitor - N/A (couldn't find it)

mau5head - Brograph (I'm guessing they modeled it, assuming this because I got it off their website)

Circular truss - bobbz

Touchscreen - Me

All LED panels - Me

LED mau5head - Me

Dance floor - Me

Cube content - Almost every piece was made by someone, there is no way I'm going to be able to list them all.