Just so you know I don't put effort into any of this shit

If you feel suicidal after looking at some of my shit it's okay I feel that way too

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About meLowkey dox on myself

Don't View This PageDon't view it.

Your InfoShows you things such as your location and browser info

Rainbow ShitOooh look at the pretty rainbow!

Circle ClickerGot bored. Sometimes I think I'm playing osu.

Free NitroHey friendssssss i foound a working hacckkk freee discordd nitroo

robin is a memeThe supreme meme of robin (not my code)

Custom Error CodesPHP can do anything!

Seth Can't DriveSeth can't drive 5 feet without crashing and/or killing someone

Hacking Scripthack rhino's place today! (website is not my code but the displayed python script is)

Doesn't have a lifePrivate image server

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